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Rena Dosanjh Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist, and Clinical Supervisor at Relationship Therapy Centre in Mississauga and Burlington

Rena Dosanjh

Founder & Clinical Director, MSc, RP, RMFT-SQ

People aren’t problems, problems are problems.

When we understand them to be different, we can hold space for change.

Have you ever turned a small matter into an emotional outburst, got stuck in a loop on why someone treated you a certain way or consistently misunderstood your intentions?

Life’s challenges often show up in our relationships, shaped by our past experiences. More often than not, we react subconsciously, driven by triggers from past trauma and pain, leading to assumptions about people and situations as a protective mechanism.

At Relationship Therapy Centre, we reject the notion of people being entirely “wrong” or “problematic.” Instead, we focus on how problems are approached and communicated. Adopting a relational lens, we acknowledge everyone in therapy is part of a web of relationships, mutually influencing and being influenced. We dive deeper into these assumptions and beliefs, recognizing how they hinder human experiences, your relationships with others, and ultimately keep you from living a life you love.

We believe in the power of being seen, heard, and immersed in one’s experience. Our therapists are exceptional at holding space, helping clients explore the root of their problems, and making connections between current experiences and historical attachments to set the foundation for lasting change.

Heal your relationship with yourself and others.

– Rena Dosanjh

Relationship Therapy Centre

Why Work With Us

As humans, we have two fundamental needs; to be connected with ourselves, and to experience belonging with others.

When we shift our perspective from criticism, internally or externally, and turn to curiosity, we begin to create space for compassion, accountability, change, and growth.

At Relationship Therapy Centre:

The Relationship Therapy Centre prides itself on providing therapy for all. Whether you're an expectant parent, a child, a teen, or an adult facing life's challenges, we're here for you.

Our services cover a range of issues, from stress and anxiety to life transitions and relationship difficulties. We offer support for couples and families, recognizing the importance of strong connections and navigating relational dynamics.

Serving Mississauga, Burlington, and providing online support across Ontario, BC, and Alberta, we’re dedicated to being your trusted partner on the journey to building a life you love.

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In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy

Our Approach

Therapy that has impact

We operate on the I.M.P.A.C.T model

I: Identify

Who are you? What is important to you?

Understanding oneself is a foundational step that involves a deep exploration into your identity and interconnected relationships.

M: Main Concerns

What’s getting in your way? What challenges are keeping you stuck?

Understanding your primary concerns is crucial. We listen to the obstacles and challenges you’re facing, creating a bigger picture of the issues that may be hindering your well-being.

P: Preferred Identity and Way of Living

What are the characteristics of your ideal self?

Exploring your preferred identity involves understanding the values, beliefs, and lifestyle you aspire to. By clarifying your vision, we can align therapy goals with your personal objectives.

A: Alliance

How can we develop rapport and safety in the client-therapist relationship?

We prioritize the development of a trusting and supportive relationship between you and your therapist. Establishing a safe space for open communication fosters an environment where you can explore challenges, express vulnerabilities, and work together toward positive change.

C: Curiosity, Challenge, and Change

How can we foster an environment for change?

Embrace curiosity and take a deep dive into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, challenging patterns that may be hindering growth.

T: Treatment Plan

What are the next steps to create change?

A personalized treatment plan is crafted that outlines specific strategies to address your unique challenges and goals. It serves as a roadmap, guiding the collaborative efforts between you and your therapist.

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