Quiet Quitting: How to Recognize the Signs

Fifty-seven percent of Canadians reported being in couple relationships in 2021, demonstrating that the number of Canadians in couples has been steady for over a century (Zimonjic, 2022). However, we know that the number of individuals who report being in a romantic relationship can be vastly different than the number of individuals who may report being […]

Singleness is Different from Aloneness

We have all likely experienced a time where we have either sympathetically responded to someone who reports they are single, or have been witness to this type of interaction. There’s a common misconception associated with singleness where it is believed the unpartnered person is lonely and  seeking a romantic relationship. Even more maladaptive are the […]

Communication Techniques That Will Support Your Relationship

It is important to emphasize that conflict in relationships is normal. In fact, conflict is a natural process with functional aspects that allow room for growth and mutual understanding. Given this, the goal is not to put an end to all conflict in your relationship, but instead learn how to manage this conflict in a healthy and effective way. […]

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