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Child therapy is a specific form of counselling that supports youth with their emotional and mental health and overall wellbeing with creative age appropriate strategies.

$145-$175 + HST per 50 minutes. Fees range depending on experience of therapist and the context in which the child therapy is conducted (i.e. individual therapy, or family therapy). All therapists who offer child therapy are listed here. To filter through different details of our therapists you can also check out Our Team.

The standard Individual Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Session length for Child Therapy is determined by child’s developmental age and capacity.  Sessions are pro-rated for other lengths of time. 

The centre requires 48 business hours notice (not including weekends or holidays) or the full fee per sessions may apply.

our approach to child therapy

The general aim when children access therapy is to help them better identify and understand their thoughts and feelings and to co-develop the skills and resources with their primary supports to be the most healthy, happy and successful.

At Relationship Therapy Centre, we work systemically and relationally. This means that when any young person accesses therapy, we recognize that they have connections to parents, caregivers and communities that exist beyond who might make it into the therapy session.

With this in mind, there are times where it can be help to invite these people into the therapy process where children may be best supported in family therapy. There may also be times where privacy in individual therapy can be best when navigating therapy for children.

At Relationship Therapy Centre, therapy for children is a service accessed by those up to the age of 12, where after that, they may be better suited for therapy for teens. Whether the child proceeds with therapy in the context of individual or family therapy is determined collaboratively with the appropriate parent/caregiver/guardian/decision maker, the child (depending on their developmental age and stage), and the therapist.

Several of our therapists have years of experience in early childhood education, children’s mental health agencies, school systems, and/or are parents themselves. We understand through personal and professional experiences, the importance of children’s mental health and are committed to ensuring best practice decision making for you and your children.

Therapy can be a great resource for children and their families to best tend to emotional, mental, behavioural challenges and to provide psychoeducation, resources and sustainable and meaningful therapeutic interventions.

Common Child Experiences including but not limited to....

Childhood is a period in life in which we undergo several developmental changes at a rapid pace. There can be many experiences that children go through where it may be challenging for them to identify what they are thinking or feeling or explain why they are behaving as they are.  

It may be helpful to seek out therapy for your child:

  • When the child and/or parent/caregivers are noticing the possibility of developmentally age appropriate delays and/or challenges.
  • When the child may be presenting with challenges in regulating their emotions and/or developing social skills
  • When the child and/or parent/caregivers are noticing drastic mood, behaviour, social engagement, and/or personality shifts (ex. withdrawing, persistent sadness, persistent shift in appetite or sleep, self-destructive behaviour etc.)
  • When the child and/or family has experienced something that feels significant and there may be value in processing.
  • When the child and/or family believes they can use some support to navigate life changes.

Areas of Focus



The decision to engage in therapy can be quite challenging, and even more so if/when there are differeing opinions on the helpfulness of it. Ideally, when considering engaging a child in therapy both parents are on the same page about this. It can be helpful to communicate with one another to try to come to mutual understanding of what might be in the best interest of the child.
At times, prior to a child engaging in therapy, it can be helpful for co-parents to seek support, even if just to process their beliefs, questions, fears and hopes for their child’s engagement in therapy. If parents are unable to get to a mutual agreement about therapy, we may then need to consider whether there are legal decision making rights in place.

50/50 DECISION MAKING AGREEMENT OR NO AGREEMENT: If the parents have 50/50 decision making rights OR no legal agreement around decision making, then we will be unable to proceed with your child engaging in therapy until you are both in agreement.

It is important to note that just because your child may not be able to access therapy, does not mean they cannot access support. At Relationship Therapy Centre, we work systemically and relationally which means that we can navigate individual therapy for parenting support with the parent that may have held hope for their child to access therapy. We can work towards understanding the concerns you have for your child as well as the hopes you have for them. Together, we can work towards meaningful and sustainable change for you and your child.

IF ONE PARENT HAS DECISION MAKING RIGHTS: If one parent has decision making rights, their preference for their child’s engagement with therapy would need to be honoured.

Overall, the plan to engage a child into therapy when parents are divorced/separated can be nuanced. Our team is here to support you in hearing your individual circumstances and will aim to guide you in the right direction!

Parenting can easily be one of the more rewarding and challenging roles in ones life. As individuals, we each have unique experiences of our childhood, family culture, and place in society. These are just some of several factors that can greatly inform our way of showing up as parents. It is not surprising then, that we may find our approaches to parenting are different to that of our co-parent/partner.

Therapy doesn’t require you to be on the same page about your parenting approaches – instead, family therapy can be a valuable resource to help you both identify, process and communicate about your parenting values, hopes, beliefs and fears. It can allow us a space to provide psychoeducation around different aspects of child development and parenting, and to collaboratively work toward conflict resolution and greater togetherness. The aim of this work will always be to centralize the child and their well being and to get clearer on what might be required of parents to best support the child.

It is likely that you are seeing many options of therapists who offer psychotherapy services to children and teens, as several therapists choose to work with diverse populations.

At Relationship Therapy Centre we acknowledge that therapy for children is a specialized service that requires specific training and experience. There are particular ethical practices, legal understandings, knowledge on child development and adherence to best practice approaches required to support children in meaningful ways.

At our centre, each therapist who provides child therapy has demonstrated commitment to providing best practice therapy to children and their parents by completing specific training, working and gaining experience in children’s mental health agencies, and committing themselves to continued supervision by qualified and experienced psychotherapists in the field who also are specifically trained in and practice child therapy and parenting therapy.

therapists who provide Child therapy

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