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Couple Therapy

Experiencing relationships the way you want to. 

Couples therapy, relationship counselling, marriage and meeting with a family therapist, are all services where the therapist typically meets with individuals who are, have been, and/or might consider being in a relationship with one another.

$160 + HST per 50 minutes (Registered Psychotherapist/Registered Social Worker)

$115+HST per 50 minutes (Psychotherapy Interns)

The standard Couple Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Sessions can also be accessed for 80 minutes. The length of session depends on client’s preferences, therapeutic benefit and goals.

The centre requires 48 business hours notice (not including weekends or holidays) or the full fee per sessions may apply.

There is a common misconception that couples therapy, relationship counselling,marriage and family therapy is only accessed when things are ‘really bad’. However, there are several other stages where it may be helpful to pursue therapy and see a marriage and family therapist:

  • Contemplating or committing to start a relationship
  • Making changes to your relationship structure (ex. opening up the relationship, becoming exclusive, separating, divorcing, getting married, have children etc.)
  • Hoping to strengthen/better understand partner/relationship (ex. working on communication, intimacy, processing infidelity, preparing for transitions)
  • Committing to amicably ending a relationship
  • Needing discernment counselling (i.e. exploring whether you want to be in the relationship or not).

Common Couple Experiences






Emotional Distancing

Life Transitions

Sexual Intimacy

Separation, Divorce, Remarriage

Break ups


Attachment, Co-Dependency

LGBTQIA Challenges

Our Approach To Couples Therapy

When providing couples therapy and relationship counselling we will work together in creating common goals and exploring who partners are as individuals, and what their values, beliefs, hopes, expectations, strengths are that they each bring to the relationship. We will explore interactional patterns and identify and strengthen the helpful patterns while identifying and interrupting the distressing ones. With our marriage counselors we offer free consultation and/or a free session to help you begin your journey with your partner and shorten your search for couples therapy near me.

We will work diligently in containing and facilitating our dialogues in a way where we maximize opportunities for all partners in gaining greater clarity, knowledge, skills, techniques and resources.

Our team of Registered Psychotherapists, Psychotherapy Interns and Social Workers provide Couples Therapy in Mississauga, and virtually.

We help shorten your search for marriage counselor near me when you can hire the right professionals who will listen to you and be there for you!

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When starting Relationship Therapy Mississauga, we researched “couples therapy near me and “marriage counselor near me to learn how we can provide the right marriage counselling to our clients. We noticed in many of our searches for “couples therapy near me”, and “marriage counselor near me” was the misconception of couples/marriage counselling being a negative thing. We’re here to help break that misconception. Get in touch with us today to help start your therapy journey!