Couple Therapy

Support to help you experience your relationships the way you want to. 

Our Centre offers in person and Online marriage counselling, relationship counselling, and Couple therapy. These services are all where the therapist typically meets with individuals who are, have been, and/or might consider being in a relationship with one another.

$160-$175 + HST per 50 minutes. Fees range depending on the experience of the therapist. Our Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Marriage Therapists who offer couple therapy are listed here. To filter through different details of our therapists you can also check out Our Team.

$115 +HST per 50 minutes. All therapists who are currently offering reduced rate couple therapy services are listed on our Affordable Therapists page.

The standard Couple Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Sessions can also be accessed for 80 minutes. In some occassions, sessions can be pro-rated at other lengths of time. The length of session depends on client’s preferences, therapeutic benefit and goals.

The centre requires 48 business hours notice (not including weekends or holidays) or the full fee per sessions may apply.

Our Approach To Couples Therapy

In supporting relationships, we recognize each individual has a unique set of values, beliefs, hopes, expectations, and strengths that they bring to the relationship. We take time to understand each of your needs, and preferred outcomes. We will explore interactional patterns and identify and strengthen the helpful patterns while identifying and interrupting the distressing ones. With our relationship/couple therapists and marriage counsellors we offer free consultation to help you and your partner(s) begin your psychotherapy journey.

We will work diligently in containing and facilitating our dialogues in a way where we honour what you want to discuss but try to ensure we are not using our time to simply discuss the same things, in the same way that has not lead to resolution outside of therapy. Our relationship/couple therapists will maximize opportunities for all partners in gaining greater clarity, knowledge, skills, techniques, and resources.

Our team of Psychotherapy Interns, Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Marriage and Family Therapists  in Burlington and Mississauga provide Couples Therapy in person, and through virtual therapy. 

We help shorten your search for “marriage counselor near me”, “couples therapy near me”, “relationship therapist near me”, and “psychotherapy near me”, when you can work with our experienced and committed therapists who will meet your individual needs.

Common Couple Experiences including but not limited to....

There is a common misconception that online marriage counselling, relationship counselling, couple therapy is only accessed when things are ‘really bad’. However, there are several other stages where it may be helpful to pursue in person therapy or virtual therapy, and see a relationship/couple/marriage therapist:

  • When you are contemplating or committing to start a relationship.
  • When you are making changes to your relationship structure (ex. opening up the relationship, becoming exclusive, separating, divorcing, getting married, having and supporting children, etc.)
  • When you are hoping to better understand partner/strengthen your relationship (ex. working on communication, intimacy, processing infidelity, preparing for transitions, working towards better parenting alignment etc.)
  • When you may be committing to amicably end a relationship. 
  • When you are uncertain about your best next steps and hope to access discernment counselling.

Areas of Focus

At Relationship Therapy Centre, couples counselling in Mississauga and Burlington is one of our specialties. Our registered psychotherapists focus on helping couples create healthy and long-lasting relationships through our in-person or online marriage counselling in Burlington and Mississauga. Our experienced psychotherapists in Burlington and Mississauga understand that couples are faced with a wide range of challenges in their relationships, so they provide tailored solutions that best fit their clients’ individual needs. Through our couples counselling in Mississauga and Burlington, we can help you to identify patterns or communication issues and work through them together as a couple. We offer a safe space for couples to discuss their feelings and share experiences while being guided by our expert counselors who can help them find common ground. With the right support, couples can learn how to navigate difficult conversations without feeling judged or misunderstood.  

Looking for marriage counselling in Burlington or Mississauga? No matter what issues you’re facing in your relationship, our reputable therapists in Mississauga and Burlington can help. We offer couples counselling in Mississauga and Burlington for couples of all backgrounds and walks of life. Our therapists in Burlington and Mississauga have the skills and experience needed to provide you with the best possible care and support during couples therapy in Burlington or Mississauga. Contact us today to learn more about our couples counseling services. Together, we can work towards a healthier and happier future for your relationship.

When starting Relationship Therapy Mississauga Centre, we researched “couples therapy near me”, “relationship therapist near me”, “psychotherapy near me“, and “marriage counsellor near me” to learn how we can provide the right marriage counselling in Burlington and Mississauga to our clients. We noticed in many of our searches for “couples therapy near me”, “relationship therapist near me”, “psychotherapy near me “, and “marriage counsellor near me”, that there was a misconception of couples/marriage counselling being a negative thing. We’re here to help break that misconception. Looking for therapy in Burlington, psychotherapists in Burlington or the best therapists in Mississauga? Get in touch with our therapists in Burlington and Mississauga today and get started with your in-person or virtual therapy journey! 


therapists who provide Couples therapy

At Relationship Therapy Centre, our therapists in Burlington and Mississauga are dedicated to providing counselling services. Our therapists in Burlington and Mississauga can help you understand difficult situations, build inner strength, and develop healthy interpersonal relationships. If you’ve been searching for “relationship therapist near me”, “psychotherapy near me”, “couples therapy near me”, or “marriage counsellor near me”, your search ends here! Are you searching for couples therapy near me, relationship therapist near me, or psychotherapy near me? We aim to help you feel safe and heard. When booking a free consultation we don’t rush you into making any major decisions. We want you to feel we are the best fit for your mental health journey, that is one of the many reasons why we are considered by Toronto Star to be the best therapists in Mississauga. We are committed therapists offering psychotherapy in effort to best support you and your goals. We welcome all individuals no matter what position you are currently at in your journey, whether you’re searching for couples counselling in Mississauga or marriage counselling in Burlington, we create safe, non-judgemental spaces for you  and your relationships. Our Registered Psychotherapists are specifically trained to offer relationship counselling where support can be accessed through virtual therapy and/or you can access our therapists in Burlington or Mississauga for in person services. Whether you prefer to access online marriage counselling or to connect in person with our marriage counsellors, we will work collaboratively with you in achieving sustainable and meaningful change.   No more searching for “relationship therapist near me”, “psychotherapy near me”, “couples therapy near me”, or “marriage counsellor near me”. If you’re looking for the best therapists in Mississauga or Burlington who can help you with your sense of self, experience of life and/or relationship challenges, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our therapists are here to support you on your journey toward healing and growth. Contact us today to get started with our experienced and recognized psychotherapists in Mississauga and Burlington. We look forward to helping you achieve a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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We offer in person counselling in Mississauga and therapy in Burlington. Our Mississauga office is conveniently located near Hwy 403, 410 and 407.  We are also just a short drive away from the QEW. We have free parking available when you visit us. 
Our Burlington office is conveniently located at the border of Oakville. This location is wheelchair accessible and also offers free parking. 

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