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support for depression.

Benefits of Therapy for Depression

Personal growth

Forge ahead with self-discovery and personal growth, reclaiming agency over your life and embrace new possibilities.

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Nurture meaningful connections

Rebuild and strengthen connections with loved ones, fostering deeper relationships with a sense of belonging.

Joyful person

rediscover joy

Reconnect with sources of joy and vitality in your life, and rediscover a sense of enthusiasm and hope.

Seeking therapy for depression can feel like you have to climb a mountain just to get to the starting line.

Depression can vary greatly in its intensity, leaving some feeling like they're barely functioning, while others may manage to maintain a facade of normalcy despite the internal turmoil. Regardless of its form, depression's impact can be profound, creating barriers that make everyday tasks feel like monumental challenges. No one should have to endure this alone. Break free from the struggle of loneliness, unclear purpose, hopelessness and autopilot living.

Therapy offers a path towards healing, providing support and guidance to navigate through the darkest moments and rediscover a life filled with hope and possibility.

Struggling with depression may look like...

We offer therapy for depression in Mississauga, Burlington and virtually. Life is not easy, but it can be easier with support.

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Therapy for depression in Mississauga, Burlington & Online

Possible Outcomes of Depression Therapy

Experience life how you were meant to.

In-person depression therapy in Mississauga & Burlington. Online sessions across Ontario, BC, & Alberta.

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Relationship Therapy Centre

Why Work With Us

As humans, we have two fundamental needs; to be connected with ourselves, and to experience belonging with others.

When we shift our perspective from criticism, internally or externally, and turn to curiosity, we begin to create space for compassion, accountability, change, and growth.

Relationship therapy centre therapists

At Relationship Therapy Centre:

Therapists who specialize in Depression therapy

In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy BurlingtonIn Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy BurlingtonIn Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy
In Person Therapy MississaugaVirtual Therapy

Our Approach to Depression Therapy in Mississauga, Burlington & Online

How Our Therapy For Depression Works

At Relationship Therapy Centre, we aim to get to know you before we get to know the problem. We believe in the power of human connection as much as we believe and invest in evidence based interventions. Our diverse team of therapists work from a range of therapeutic approaches including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), and Narrative Therapy. Tailoring our approach to your unique experience, we help you reconnect with hope.

We Connect

You can easily find strategies to manage depression online. The factor that most influences the success and outcome of therapy is the relationship established between therapist and client. We are trained and well versed in asking you questions to get to know you in a meaningful way. We listen out for contributing factors to the depression, patterns, exceptions of where it is less present, exceptions of where you have managed to keep it at bay, and more.

We Collaborate

Together, we create goals with considerations of how you prefer to think, feel, behave, relate to others and experience life if the depression was no longer dominant. This will allow us to establish an informed treatment plan with integration of impactful tools and strategies discussed along the way.

We Grow

We work with you in identifying, challenging and redirecting the negative thought patterns and cycles that would have historically kept you stuck. We hold an intentional lens to notice, celebrate, and launch off of the small but not insignificant shifts you will experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Relationship Therapy Centre, our first sessions vary based on client needs, age, and goals. Key intentions include:

  • Administration: Ensuring paperwork is covered and clarifying terms of service.
  • Identity Exploration: Uncovering your past and present to understand values, roles, and influences. This helps us get a sense of what could be contributing to the depression and/or what strengths and resources you have to put up against the depression.
  • Main Concerns: Exploring the want for therapy and your desired outcomes. Are you looking to understand the cause of depression? Build coping strategies? Develop a support network? Perhaps its all of this or something else entirely.
  • Understanding and Assessing: While there are common symptoms to depression, they can present differently for everyone. We want to ensure we take time to review your current situations, feelings, and coping mechanisms. 
  • Reflections and Next Steps: Collaborative feedback to tailor a treatment plan for your goals.

First sessions can look different depending on the uniqueness of clients. If you hold specific hopes for what your first session may look like when accessing therapy for depression, it can be important to first attend a free phone consultation and share your thoughts with a therapist.

It’s never too late nor too early to start therapy for depression. Whether you have tried several coping strategies or this is your first attempt in accessing support, therapy can be helpful. You can schedule a free consultation with our therapists offering therapy for depression in Mississauga, Burlington or online. 

Please note: If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and/or do not feel you can keep yourself safe please dial 911.

Therapy cannot guarantee that experiences of depression won’t return but it has proven to be successful in significantly reducing the symptoms and helping to minimize the likelihood and intensity of recurrence. When accessing therapy for depression at Relationship Therapy Centre, you will gain thorough understanding on how depression presents for you, and  tools and strategies to effectively manage and prevent relapse. 

Remember, everyone’s experiences are unique. What supports one person may not work for others. Finding the right therapist and approach to therapy for depression is critical. 

Research has shown that therapy alone can be effective in managing mild to moderate experiences of depression. However, if you may be experiencing more severe depression, a combination of therapy and medication can be most helpful. As a team of Psychotherapists and Social Workers, determining the use of medication is outside of our scope of practice. It is important to speak to your doctor if you are wondering about antidepressants. 

The number of therapy sessions needed for treating depression varies depending on several factors, including but not limited to  the severity of symptoms, approach to therapy,  individual responsiveness to therapy, and personal circumstances.

Some individuals may experience significant improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions, while others may require ongoing therapy over a more extended period to achieve desired outcomes. Therapists at Relationship Therapy Centre work collaboratively with clients to create therapeutic goals and navigate regular check-ins around the experience of therapy to assess what is working and what needs to change.

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