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Resolve and reconnect with those who matter most.

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Develop greater understanding and respect for each other’s roles, responsibilities, challenges, and needs.
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Learn communication skills to talk about things differently so that you can feel seen and heard with compassion and understanding.
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Create a safe home base and learn how to best support one another for a stronger bond.

Is your family growing apart?

Misunderstandings, communication barriers, and lingering hurtful experiences can strain relationships and create emotional distance among family members. Fostering a safe, empathetic environment for rebuilding trust and developing shared understanding is crucial to togetherness.

Family Therapy offers a roadmap for navigating life transitions, processing traumatic experiences, and creating cohesive family bonds.

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We offer virtual and in-person family counselling for resolving conflict, building stronger bonds, and working together as a family unit.

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Create harmony at home.

In-person family therapy in Mississauga & Burlington. Online sessions across Ontario, BC, & Alberta.

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Relationship Therapy Centre

Why Work With Us

As humans, we have two fundamental needs; to be connected with ourselves, and to experience belonging with others.

When we shift our perspective from criticism, internally or externally, and turn to curiosity, we begin to create space for compassion, accountability, change, and growth.

Relationship therapy centre therapists

At Relationship Therapy Centre:

Our Approach

How Our Family Therapy Works

Meet Together

Our therapists will meet with all participating family members to ensure everyone is on the same page about understanding why we are here. We explore what their individual hopes are for what might be different moving forward.

Meet Individually or in smaller groups

Our therapists may set up meetings with smaller groups and/or with each member individually. This is done to help ensure thorough understandings are established on what each person needs, who they feel best allied to, and what they believe needs to happen to get the family dynamic to their preferred path.

Continued Sessions - Meet Together

We go beyond the spoken words, unraveling the meanings and messages embedded in conversations and family dynamics. Through thought-provoking questions, we encourage family members to reflect on their impact on others, the influence of concerns, and the dynamic that contributes to challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In family therapy, deciding whether all children should partake in the sessions largely depends on the current concerns and whether the concerns are influenced by the other children or impactful to them. It would also be important to consider the age and stage of each child, and the risks and benefits of their

This can be a heavy decision to make on your own. Therapists at Relationship Therapy Centre work with you to consider your unique circumstances to collaboratively make a decision on who should be involved in the process. We can provide guidance that is tailored to your family’s specific needs with consideration towards the overall family dynamics, goals and potential implications of having all children involved or not.

While the majority of family therapy sessions will likely have all involved members present, there are opportunities for individuals to meet separately with the therapist, as well as opportunities for specific members to attend certain sessions without other members present.

It is important to remember that in family therapy, the therapist views their client as the family relationship and meeting in smaller groups must contribute to the betterment of the family relationships and goal for therapy in mind. While sessions can occur with family members individually, the therapist may encourage joint sessions to help ensure opportunities for relationship dynamics to be witnessed, analyzed and supported.

The standard therapy session at Relationship Therapy Centre is 50 minutes in length. While this can be a helpful session length for family therapy, depending on the number of family members and pace of conversation, it can be helpful to schedule longer sessions.

Similarly, the frequency of sessions is collaboratively decided on between therapist and clients. It is recommended for families to attend therapy on a weekly or biweekly basis to begin. This allows for the therapist to establish a strong foundation in getting to know each individual, and the family dynamics. It also allows for all family members to get into a routine and to help support the creation of a therapeutic alliance.

The recommended frequency of sessions can be influenced by the complexity and urgency of concerns being experienced, the commitment clients hold to the process of therapy and doing work between sessions, and the therapist’s approach.

We recommend having a free phone consultation to share your unique circumstances with a therapist and asking them about the frequency of sessions with you and your family in mind!

We believe family therapy is a specialization. All of our therapists offering family therapy have 20+ years of experience offering this service, or are Registered Marriage and Family Therapists (individuals who have met extensive educational and experiential requirements to hold this title) or have been and/or continue to be supervised by one.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a family therapist including:

  • Qualifications: Assess the therapist’s formal training and additional education in family therapy.
  • Experience: Explore the therapist’s track record, including hours dedicated to family therapy, years of
    experience, and ongoing consultation with seasoned professionals.
  • Therapeutic Relationship: Consider the trust and comfort level felt when connecting with the
  • Approaches and Alignment: Evaluate the therapist’s specific approaches and how they perceive
    their role in family therapy, ensuring alignment with your expectations.

Family therapy unfolds uniquely within the context of each family’s circumstances. The therapist initiates the process by intimately understanding each family member, exploring their interpersonal dynamics, individual motivations for seeking therapy, and their aspirations for positive change.

Collaboratively, goals for the therapy are established, drawing from everyone’s input.

Family therapy is often sought to enhance dynamics, improve communication, and receive guidance in navigating specific life challenges. Leveraging their training, therapists guide conversations and activities to address concerns. They focus on awareness and practicing essential skills like communication, active listening, and conflict resolution. Throughout this process, therapists keenly observe patterns that contribute to tensions.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a safe space where every family member can openly express themselves, unpack experiences, articulate needs and fears, and collectively work towards achieving preferred outcomes.

The length of time family therapy takes to help family members feel better depends on several factors including but not limited to what the family is experiencing, the complexity of these matters, and their commitment to the therapy process and openness to change.

Generally speaking, you can expect to experience noticeable change at around 6-15 sessions. This time frame can shorten or lengthen depending on the unique factors of the family.

What You Can Expect from Family Therapy:

Heal Together, Grow Together.

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