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Individual Therapy

Prioritizing you and what is important to you

Individual therapy is a counselling service where one person connects privately with a therapist.

$145-$175 + HST per 50 minutes. Fees range depending on experience of therapist. All therapists who offer individual therapy are listed on our Individual Therapist page.

$90 +HST per 50 minutes. All therapists who are currently offering reduced rate services are listed on our Affordable Therapists page.

The standard Individual Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Sessions can also be accessed for 80 minutes. In some occassions, sessions can be pro-rated at other lengths of time. The length of session depends on client’s preferences, therapeutic benefit and goals.

The centre requires 48 business hours notice (not including weekends or holidays) or the full fee per sessions may apply.

There is a common misconception that psychotherapy/counselling support is only accessed when things are ‘really bad’. However, there are several other stages where it may be helpful to pursue therapy:

  • Creating space to process current experiences.
  • When you want to commit to bettering yourself in the way you show up for yourself, your roles, responsibilities and relationships.
  • Creating time and space to better unpack past experiences.
  • Access greater clarity on what might be required of you now to best get you to where you want to be.

Common Individual Experiences



Suicidal Ideation

Self Harm

Break Ups

Relationship Concerns

ADD, ADHD, other Neurodiversity experiences

Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Confidence

Life Transitions

BIPOC Challenges

Stress and Burnout

Anger Management


Self Discovery, Self Exploration, Self Growth

Parenting Support

Attachment, Co-Dependency

LGBTQIA Challenges



Trauma and Abuse

Our Approach To Individual Therapy

While you may be attending therapy on your own, we recognize that you do not come without connections. In effort to really understand you, we will consider the context of your various identities, relationships and social systems (i.e. roles, responsibilities, relationships, culture, religion, sexual and other identities).

We will work collaboratively in developing therapeutic goals and evaluating the progress on them. We will work together to contain and facilitate conversations in a way where we maximize opportunities for you to gain greater clarity, knowledge, skills, techniques and resources.

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