Infant Therapy

Prioritizing mental health from the start

Yes, infants can receive therapy.... via you as the parent! Infant Mental Health begins in-utero up until the age of 6.

$175 + HST per 50 minutes. Fees are determined by experience of therapist. Infant therapy is a specialized service offered only by our Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Christina, who has specific experience in infant mental health. 

The standard Infant Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Sessions can also be accessed for 80 minutes. In some occasions, sessions can be pro-rated at other lengths of time. The length of session depends on client’s preferences, therapeutic benefit and goals.

The centre requires 48 business hours notice (not including weekends or holidays) or the full fee per sessions may apply.

Our approach to infant therapy

Research tells us the well-being of the primary caregivers greatly impacts the emotional and mental well-being of the infants. You will find this therapy experience not only healing for you as the parent, but also impactful to the calm, resiliency, and growth of your infant.

Our focus in therapy will be to ensure you have the necessary skills and tools to build the foundation of your child’s relationship with you, to experience a secure attachment style. This will be the building blocks for the relationships they will then hold with others in their lives as they move into their second developmental stage of 10 – 17 years of age.

We invite you to see this work as a long term investment into your child’s healthy emotional and mental health.

You may also find the therapist creating space for some healing work of your own to be done as we process personal triggers that invite heighted emotions, to invite your own healing in hopes that you can show up for your infant more attuned and emotionally supported than perhaps you received in your early years.

Common Experiences to Consider Infant Therapy includes but is not limited to....

Infants and young children experience several stages of transition where they may present as unsettled and irritable. There can certainly be times where it can be challenging to discern what might be causing the distress.

It may be helpful to consider accessing infant therapy if/when your baby:

  • Appears as inconsolable when crying
  • Presents with challenges in sleeping or eating
  • Appears to dislike being touched and/or picked up
  • Appearing to be unresponsive and/or over responsive

It may be helpful to consider accessing infant therapy if/when your toddler/child:

  • Presents with severe temper tantrums that you feel unable to understand, tend to and/or minimize
  • Appears distressed and with extreme anxiety when separated from parent/caregiver
  • Presents with challenges in sleeping and/or eating
  • Appears to be delayed in speech and language
  • Appears to be presenting with regression (i.e. child is reverting to earlier stages/abilities that they have previously demonstrated advancing through)

Areas of Focus



There are many ways that Infant mental health can be supported, including but not limited to:

Education for Parents/Caregivers:

  • Learning to predict, identify, and respond to cues from infant.
  • Receive and process psychoeducation on infant/child development


Support for Parents/Caregivers

  • Tending to mental health and well-being of parents/caregivers can help minimize risk of infant mental health and well-being challenges.
  • Supporting parents in their approach to developing and strengthening relationship they have with their infant/child
  • Cultivating positive parenting relationship, strong attachment between parent/caregiver and infant/child


Ultimately, the belief behind infant mental health is that our mental health begins and can be tended to in utero. Research has shown that a change for parents/caregivers can lean to change for infants/children.

Our Infant Therapist

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