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Embrace and enjoy the journey of parenthood without sacrificing your personal identity.

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Respond to your child’s emotions and developmental needs appropriately to foster safety and security.

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Identify your needs and access better support from your partner, family members, and friends.

The journey to parenthood can be challenging.

But where do we get a glimpse into this reality? Whether it's through glossy advertisements or the carefully curated posts of friends and influencers, parenthood can seem like an exclusively picturesque experience filled with purpose and effortless joy.
When you actually go through your own experience of pregnancy, labor, postpartum and child rearing, it can bring in experiences of frustration, disappointment, resentment and grief.

Perinatal Therapy offers a roadmap for navigating the big life transition into parenthood, establishing your preferred identities as parents, and attuning to your little one, creating secure bonds.

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We offer virtual and in person perinatal therapy in Mississauga because being a parent is not easy, but it can be easier with support.

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Areas of Focus

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It's okay to not be Okay.

In-person perinatal therapy in Mississauga & Burlington. Online sessions across Ontario, BC, & Alberta.

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Why Work With Us

As humans, we have two fundamental needs; to be connected with ourselves, and to experience belonging with others.

When we shift our perspective from criticism, internally or externally, and turn to curiosity, we begin to create space for compassion, accountability, change, and growth.

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At Relationship Therapy Centre:

Infants and young children experience several stages of transition where they may present as unsettled and irritable.

There can certainly be times where it can be challenging to discern what might be causing the distress.

It may be helpful to consider accessing Perinatal therapy if/when your baby:

It may be helpful to consider accessing Perinatal therapy if/when your toddler/child:

Our Approach to perinatal therapy in mississauga, burlington & online

How Our Perinatal Therapy Works

Research tells us the well-being of the primary caregivers greatly impacts the emotional and mental well-being of the infants. You will find the perinatal therapy experience not only healing for you as the parent, but also impactful to the calm, resiliency, and growth of your infant.

Our focus in perinatal therapy will be to ensure you have the necessary skills and tools to build the foundation of your child’s relationship with you, to experience a secure attachment style. This will be a significant building block for the relationships they will then hold with others in their lives as they move into another major developmental stage of 10 – 17 years of age.

We invite you to see this work as a long term investment into your child’s healthy emotional and mental health.

You may also find the therapist creating space for some healing work of your own to be done as we process personal triggers that invite heightened emotions, to support your own healing in hopes that you can show up for your infant more attuned and emotionally supported than perhaps you received in your early years.

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At Relationship Therapy Centre, we take a systemic, relational and person centered approach. This means we consider you, your relationships and connections, and the environment in which you are trying to navigate parenthood. In our work together, you can expect us to offer:

We invite greater reflection around how your own experiences of attachments may inform your sense of self, and your identity as a parent. This means we consider how you recall your parents/caregivers showed up for you and what the impacts of this was. We consider what you learned from them that you want to carry on, and what you may want to do differently. We aim to notice generational patterns and break free from any generational traumas. 

Through this attachment lens, you can gain clarity and intentionality in identifying and showing up as your preferred parenting style, while also delving into the origins of triggers you may experience in your role as a parent. By understanding the power of attachment, you can also actively work towards creating a secure bond with your child, and have this informed by insights gained about your own upbringing.

Identifying and exploring perinatal psychoeducation can help empower you with knowledge and understanding about different aspects of pregnancy, child birth, postpartum and parenting.

This can include but not be limited to infant development, strategies for perinatal mental health challenges, and effective parenting approaches. By including relevant, accurate research we can work together to make informed decisions, build your confidence as a parent, support your well-being and strengthen the bond between you and your child.

We understand and respect the diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs and practices of you and your family and consider how this can inform the perinatal stages.

We aim to create a safe, validating, empowering, and gently but appropriately challenging environment for you to navigate your perinatal journey in a way that best honors your values, beliefs and preferred traditions.

We know you are doing more and hold more knowledge than what you might be giving yourself credit for. Our role is to provide you with tools and strategies to utilize your existing strengths and cultivate more in your journey through parenthood.


Frequently Asked Questions

$175 + HST per 50 minutes. Fees are determined by experience of therapist. Infant therapy is a specialized service offered only by our Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Christina, who has specific experience in infant mental health. 
The standard Infant Therapy session is for 50 minutes. Sessions can also be accessed for 80 minutes. In some occasions, sessions can be pro-rated at other lengths of time. The length of session depends on client’s preferences, therapeutic benefit and goals.

There are many ways that Infant mental health can be supported, including but not limited to:

Education for Parents/Caregivers:

  • Learning to predict, identify, and respond to cues from infant.
  • Receive and process psychoeducation on infant/child development

Support for Parents/Caregivers

  • Tending to mental health and well-being of parents/caregivers can help minimize risk of infant mental health and well-being challenges.
  • Supporting parents in their approach to developing and strengthening relationship they have with their infant/child
  • Cultivating positive parenting relationship, strong attachment between parent/caregiver and infant/child

Ultimately, the belief behind infant mental health is that our mental health begins and can be tended to in utero. Research has shown that a change for parents/caregivers can lean to change for infants/children.

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